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Follow These Tips For Healthy and Beautiful Curls

Every type of type 4 hair is different with different curls, twists, and knots. Understanding your own hair type is just like unlocking a major secret code to your hair’s beauty and have all the cheat codes to share with you too!

It’s really that simple! Just remember the following 3 things to consider about your type 4 hair.

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Know your curl pattern. There are many great haircare products for every type 4 hair out there, so you might want to try a few of them to see what works best for your own hair. If you’re using a curling iron, take a picture of it (a close-up is good) and get the desired curl pattern for your type 4 hair.



Some hairstylists like to do a side by side comparison of a client’s hair before and after using a particular product on her hair to make sure she gets the right results. Try using a sample kit from your local salon or even online to see what looks best with your own curl pattern.

Do short, medium, and long hair strands. The texture and volume of coarse hair strands tend to be more brittle than the volume of fine hair strands and tends to be more easily damaged.

Hair can be blow dried, curled, straightened, or even chemically straightened but if it’s too curly (uniform in texture), it may be more susceptible to breakage than other types. Long hair strands can be easily managed with products that protect its curl, such as a leave in conditioner, pomade curl keeper, or smoothing spray.

Hair with kinky hair is more delicate than coarse hair strands. It’s very bouncy and can become easily damaged. Use products specially formulated for kinky hair to keep it from breaking and to promote smoothness and bounce. Stay away from chemically straightening your kinky locks because it tends to weaken it and cause breakage and frizziness.

It’s best to try and keep it naturally curly for the ultimate benefits. Avoid using hot appliances or curling irons on your type 4 hair. Hot appliances and curling irons on curly locks are the biggest culprits when it comes to frizziness and overall damage. This is especially true for when the hair is wet.

When the hair is dry and it hasn’t been conditioned, the natural curl separation can happen due to thermal shock. This will happen regardless of whether your coiled or straight hair type 4 has been damaged or not. If you have curly and frizzy hair, don’t ever straighten it harshly because it will further worsen the damage and break it.

Never shampoo your type 4 kinky hair with a deep penetrating leave-in conditioner. Most leave-in conditioners are designed for dry hair, but this isn’t true for everyone. This means that you may need to experiment with a leave in conditioner specially formulated for curly locks.

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If you feel like you need to shampoo more frequently, then take your time with the water temperature and rinse the hair thoroughly before you go ahead and apply the leave in conditioner. Your type 4 hair will be hydrated and the moisturizers in the conditioner will make your curls much smoother and shiny.



Never use flat irons on your type 4 hair. Flat irons are known for causing breakage because the heat of the device itself is the biggest contributing factor. It’s best to use a ceramic hair styling iron with a diffuser to prevent heat damage from occurring on your natural hair.

This will reduce the number of breakages that you experience, which will help you maintain beautiful, healthy curls for years to come. Curly hair types, like kinky ones, have a unique way of reflecting light that helps to give curls their unique look.

The more you learn about the characteristics of kinky natural hair styles, the better you will be able to incorporate them into your own hair styles. If you want to try something new and a little different, then give kinky curl styling a shot. You won’t regret it, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Learn All About The Castele Type 4a Hair Typing Patterns

Type 4 hair has been classified by the American Hair Loss Association (AHDA) as the type that results from losing hair due to male or female pattern baldness. The condition is usually found in men who are aging, but some women can also suffer from it.

The condition affects people of all ages and both genders. It is considered to be one of the most common types of hair loss. A typical type 4 hair is easy to recognize because it usually has a well-defined S-shaped curl pattern. The hair strands have a gentle curling action, forming a very attractive loose wave pattern.

The hair strands have two textures, waxy or fragile and coarse. The waxy texture tends to fall out easily when they are pulled too tightly while the coarse type tends to be more resilient and retains its curl when pulled gently. Fine coarser strands tend to shed slowly over time and when they do so, they look more lively and bubbly than the coarse ones.

Unlike the coarse type 4 hair, the waxy type is very easy to maintain. They can be brushed and dried just like any other type of hair. Care is necessary, however when brushing fine coarser hair strands together. fine-flexible combs are the best option because they will not cause excessive pulling on the scalp.

It is advisable to use this type of comb when taking care of fine hair strands. Another characteristic feature of the type 4a is that the curls it produces are more prominent at the ends and they look like waves. The distinctive look of the 4a hair is usually attributed to the natural characteristics of the breed.

The appearance of the curls comes from the curl pattern called Castillo said hair. The Castillo said hair has several characteristics that set it apart from other types of hair typing systems. In addition, this type 4a has the ability to produce natural looking natural waves or curls even if they are arranged in a ring.

It can also be said that the thickness of the natural wave is dependent on the type of hair that is being processed. The natural wavy looks produced by the Castele hair typing system are characterized by dark or light colored hair and are symmetrical.

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Many women with type 4 hair rely on chemical relaxers to make hair easier to control.

This type of hair can be produced with a little amount of product along with the use of a flat iron. If the structure of your hair is curly and the structure of the flat iron is wide, you can have a smooth velvety effect. You can try a combination of straightening and blow drying your hair to achieve the desired effect.



Another characteristic of the Castele type 4a hair pattern is that it can be processed to be curly or straight. Even if it is curly, you will notice that the curl tends to be of a different texture than the straight look. If you want to have a completely curly look, you need to choose a straight iron and then simply use the right product to help you achieve the desired curl.

To have the perfectly shaped curled look, you will need to use an exceptional curl remover. If the hair has been treated chemically, you should use an appropriate curl remover to get rid of the chemicals before using the flat iron to create your desired look.

The Castele type 4a hair typing pattern can be categorized into two patterns namely tight coils and loose coils. The tight coils have the ability to trap moisture and are known for their volume. These are also known to produce the smoothest and coziest curls.

On the other hand, loose coiled hair tend to tangle easily and are classified as curly. However, if you are willing to have a coily appearance, you can opt for a dryer to help you achieve this look.