best hair care tips & tricks

Having beautiful and healthy hair is not a difficult goal. You would need a hair care routine for your beautiful hair. All you need to do is be consistent and positive in your intention. No matter your hair type, all hair needs specific care and attention.

hair care routine

So whether you have natural hair or chemical hair; your hair needs to treasured in order to maintain that gorgeous and healthy look. You must know that hair that has problems will need more attention and regular hair care. One of the first things you should know is your hair type. Always be gentle with your hair, as this is your treasure.

This involves the food we eat, the washing, the moisturizing, the individual care, the hairstyle and of course the state of mind. Use these hair care tips as they will help you manage and keep your hair healthy.



The nutrition
When our bodies do not receive healthy food when we do not sleep enough and suffer from persistent stress, all these reasons the cause poor quality of our locks. It is essential to include in your daily regimen more raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy, quality meat, whole grains, eggs.

The washing
It is needless to say that the admirable hair has to be nicely cleaned. But do not forget that one of the factors enforcing hair oiliness is frequent washing! This is the reason why we should avoid the unnecessary shampooing of the hair. Wash it only when it is required – depending on the hair type.

Attentively select the shampoo along with the conditioner and consider them with your hair type. It is beneficial to use shampoo and conditioner from the same line, due to they are created to function together more efficiently.

While washing, treat your scalp with care and massage it all over gently with your fingertips to remove grease, sweat and pollution. Use a mild shampoo, free of sulfates, parabens and other aggressive chemicals. The hair needs a weekly special treatment – choose it according to your hair type and apply it carefully, using your fingers instead of a comb.

Rinsing well is the key to the shiny mane. Rinse thoroughly and finish with cold water. Wrap your head in a towel to absorb the excess moisture. Once weekly apply a suitable mask or leave the conditioner into work longer (15-20 minutes). This procedure is essential for colored, chemically treated, damaged and dehydrated hair.

The drying
Dry and style your hair with care. While drying and styling do not pull or yank, be as delicate as possible. Maintain a good haircut: visit your hairdresser at least every two months to cut the ends. This will prevent your hair tips from splitting and the hair will grow stronger and faster. Dry your tresses correctly. If you can, do not use hair a dryer every time you wash your hair. When it is required, use the lower temperature and always end with cold air.

The brushing
The combs and the brushes with natural bristles are the most beneficial for your hair.

The special treatment
The gorgeous hair requires nourishment. But do not push it with plenty of hair products. Some of them could evoke dandruff or other issues. Select the hair treatments attentively and again do consider them with your hair’s necessity. Give more shine to your hair.

effective hair care routine

Apply on a regular basis homemade hair masks. After washing your hair, rinse at the end with water with added cider vinegar or lemon juice. Get rid of the excess grease. Watch your diet, do not eat too much fat, do not scratch your scalp, use good quality shampoo, do not apply hair conditioner to the roots, and use water with lemon juice for the final rinsing.

Be more careful with the treated hair. If your hair is permed, dyed, or have suffered some other permanent treatment, it should be dry in most cases. A good homemade natural remedy is able to bring back the precious moisture to your hair. Using herbal infusions help to define the natural shade of your hair and also gives shine.



For persons with blonde hair; you can use chamomile to get that lighter hue. For the ones with brown hair; rosemary makes the hair look darker. And for those persons with red hair, you should use red tea infusions.

Get rid of dandruff.
The battle with the dandruff is not an easy task. To succeed, you need to combine different methods. Use anti-dandruff shampoos and treatments, as well as natural homemade dandruff remedies. A good homemade anti dandruff treatment is infusing fresh parsley leaves as a final scalp rinse after washing.

For a regenerative hair procedure, mix some natural oils like avocado, almond oil, jojoba. Massage gently the scalp, than spread to the locks. Leave for half an hour, then wash with an appropriate shampoo. If desired, could add few drops of essential oils.

What if you just don’t know how to care for or to style your hair?
I know how hard is to find what best works for you among the plethora of hair products and advice, but if you really want to have an outstanding mane you’ll need to learn the best tips, tricks and techniques.

caring for your natural hair

Hair Care Routine – 5 Myths

The trend of taking serious care for the crown area of the human head has been gradually becoming the most favorite aspect of the human beauty routines.

From the cleansing of the hair, unique cutting to stylize it to suit individual taste, to coloring, straightening or getting a perm, people are investing more and more of their time, money and effort just to have the satisfaction by the end of the process that they have given their best.

There are many myths circulating out there about the right hair care points that people gladly follow without a thought, so let’s debunk them.

Myth 1 – Excessive hair washing leads to dryness and hair loss. This is incorrect as the frequency of you washing your hair does not directly cause this. A suggestion may state that three times a week is enough, but naturally it depends on what your hair has been exposed to and your activities on a specific day.

If your everyday working habits make you sweat and your hair gets all grimy and dirty, there is no reason why you should not shampoo today, just because you have shampooed yesterday. Add moisture to the hair by choosing the right shampoo for your hair type and texture to enhance the hair’s natural healthy shine.

Myth 2 – Use a different brand of shampoo alternately every month to avoid product tolerance. Hair has no ability to tell the difference or increase tolerance level to any product. Experts state that there is no harm in using the same shampoo every time month after month.

Check if you love to use wax products on your hair for styling or if you have oily hair as you may need to use a clarifying shampoo to wash away the residues effectively.

hair care routine.

Myth 3 – Use a conditioner to help repair split ends. The truth is no conditioner can correct or repair damaged hair. It is most likely to smoothen down the cuticle and makes the hair less frizzy-looking but it is not a cure for your split ends.

Once split ends have developed, the only way that you can get rid of them is by trimming them. The conditioner just improves the appearance of your split ends but that’s about it. A good conditioner is one that helps to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.




So, invest in a good conditioner but don’t trust that it will provide the solution to your present split ends.

Myth 4 – Stress can make your hair fall out. Know that on a daily basis, the amount of hair loss can range from 50 to 120 strands. It is possible that when you undergo major life changes such as a divorce, death of a loved one, lost job or surgery, more strands will be lost. Regular day-to-day stress does not in any way cause this.

More direct triggering causes would be pregnancy or the use of antibiotics. Not to fret though as hair will definitely grow back.

Myth 5- Brush your hair 100 strokes every day to get softer looking hair. Brushing your hair to style it is a no problem especially if you do it softly. But frequent brushing can cause hairs to be pulled out of their follicles and more likely to weaken individual strands.

When you pick up the brush next time, try to be gentle with your head crown and there’s no reason to obsessively reach the 100 strokes per day, unless your hair is so tangled up that you need to do this. By all means, do it gently.