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Top 5 Highlights of Hair Color

Yes, there are many hair colors for you to choose from but there are some which you must never ever decide to go for. This is because of the fact that even though these colors may look good on you they may cause more harm than good.

Let’s take for example red hair; normally women love to dye their hair in such a way that it matches with their dresses. However, if you get this color for the first time then it will definitely look awful on you as red color on cheeks is generally not liked by people and if you have it on your face then it looks like you are going for a face lift.



One thing that people do to have a little change in their look is by changing their hair color. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make that hair change. Sometimes your hairstyles can make a difference too, but that will only last for a short period of color comparison chart

If you want a change for a little longer; then coloring your hair would be the best as this often make heads to turn. You can have this change done in maybe an hour or an hour and a half. After you have made that decision to change your hair color; it is time for you to choose a color.

This can be a bit of a task because there are so many out there to choose from. The key is choosing the right hair color for your eyes. The perfect color will easily make brown eyes sparkle and baby blues stun. Your hair color should always make your eyes pop.

After you have decided on your color, it’s essential that you do things right; because you can have the wrong effects which you would regret later. You can end up with something that you do not like and waste lots of money trying to have the problem fixed. So before you choose that color, here are a few tips for you to follow.

1. Dress and Accessories: You should choose a color that can match your wardrobe and accessories as this complements your attire. Choosing to bright or too a dull color can cause a bit of a sore eye. For example, hair tones of gold, brown, strawberry and auburn look ravishing with red, rust, orange and olive green dresses.

2. Age: Age-appropriate colors should be used. If you are between the age of 18 to 24, you could choose the brighter and bolder colors. If you are over 25; then you should choose the more natural colors like brown, beige or ash grey. If you have damaged hair, then you should try the blonde color as this is a much less harmful chemical. You could also choose a color from the brown side as this hides damages very well.

3. Skin Tone: For your skin tone, your hair color should be darker than your skin. Persons with a dark or olive tone should use darker colors. Pink skin tone should choose ash tones and strictly avoid golden or red hues. Hair color with 2-3 shade darker to the skin tone can be selected.



If your skin is pale then you are very lucky as all colors would suit you. But if you are too pale then avoid very dark or black. You can go for dark brown, deep red or burgundy if your skin tone is yellow but try to avoid orange, gold or yellow.

4. Lifestyle: Your color should match your personal and professional life. If you work somewhere that has a formal look or you are a teacher, for instance, you should never wear those bold bright colors. These colors too can be quite costly to maintain because you would have to do touch ups very often.

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5. Eye Color: People with deep skin tones usually have dark brown eyes. So the choice of hair color should also be based on the color of the eye. The eye colors with a yellow base like green, hazel or brown go perfectly with gold, auburn and red as these are warm hues.

Similarly blue or grey colored eyes perfect with gold or ash tones having a blue base that lies in the category of cool colors.

6. Hair Cut and Style: Individuals with long wavy hair can opt for brown or golden shades. With a wispy or layered cut, one should avoid using too light a shade as the ends will appear thin. Short hair looks good in red, blue, green or any unnatural color.

You can pick various designs of hair like paneling, horizontal or chunky highlighting, dip dyeing, or any vibrant color combination depending on your look.

So to finalize this article, when you are thinking of changing your hair color, consider the above tips for that perfect hair color and look. You would sure to turn heads as you go about your daily outings.

The Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone Guide

Women of all ages have a liking for altering their hair color when they are looking for a change. They tend to discover style, ornamentation and looking great to become impressive. Women are fortunate to have numerous options to consider and enjoy.

Whenever a woman is truly searching for a change, adding some color to her hair will certainly end up being on her list. Selecting a new color isn’t for the inexperienced. When your selection does not work out, the outcomes could be devastating and beyond a little hard to correct. Here are a few essential things to consider when choosing a color.




Unless of course, you are a teenager wanting to make a crazy statement, you have to give consideration to what works with your complexion. Women with olive skin tones will not generally manage to pull off a platinum blonde color.

The unnatural look leads to the look of both hair and skin color to suffer. You will also have a problem with your clothing consequently. Apparel colors that are complementing to your natural hair color and skin might appear garish, or wash out your beautiful tone.

For the most beautiful result, select a hair color within the brunette tones. Hair shades that have a tendency towards the dark-reddish are stunning on women with an olive complexion.

Women having a true peaches-and-cream tone can select any kind of hair color, including black. Nevertheless, you might want to give your attire a look-over. A number of your most loved clothes may not compliment a different color of hair.

Dark-skinned women may add subtle elegance with hair color selections in the dark-reddish, mahogany tones. These kinds of colors boost the natural beauty of your skin tone. Violet and rust are perfect clothing shades for you.

If your skin tone is pale, you might select a shade of strawberry-blonde or even one of the lighter reds to enhance your complexion. Your clothing color choices will more than likely increase should you go from a light brown to a strawberry blonde hair color.

In the event you could not wear pastels or olive green before, those colors could become new and complimentary faves within your wardrobe.

If you’re simply not prepared for an entirely new color, adding highlights is another appealing choice. Visit the beauty salon and request to look at their hairstyle books of sample color and highlighting choices. Find a variety of your natural hair colors and add more of those as highlights!

When you have made your final decision, visit a beauty salon to get the best results. They’re professionals and do hair services every single day.

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