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Hair color ideas for brunettes can include highlighting your natural beauty by dying your hair strawberry blonde or ashy black. This is a great way to contrast your natural shade with the blonde or other hues of ashy tones.

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Auburn hair colors provide you with the same options, but in a more intense form. While an ashy tone will highlight your blond or red hair, auburn will make your blonde and red hair appear closer to your natural color.

To get the most out of your ashy dye job, follow these hair color ideas for brunettes:

1.  Brown hair is naturally blonde or red. If you have naturally brunette hair, the chances are that at some point you have wanted to dye it strawberry blonde or something similar.

A great hair color idea for brunettes is to take dry shampoo and add some rose gold shampoos in its base. The rose gold helps create a warmer overall effect, while the blonde highlights the tips of your brown hair.

If you want more of the blonde or rose gold, use conditioners and heat protectant products to keep your hair healthy.

2. Auburn hair goes with just about any coloring scheme. However, if you decide on a blonde dye job, you should stay away from orange, green, or yellow.

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These colors will turn your ashy coloring into a richer, more exciting color. Instead, opt for more of the pure brown. You can get highlights this way without having to bleach or lighten your original brown hair shade.

If you have naturally brunette hair but would like to have more of a golden glow, consider using orange as one of your base colors. While there’s nothing wrong with using orange as a base, use the color sparingly.

Too much of it can make your ashy hair look washed out and weighed down. It’s best to work with only a quarter of a shade if you’re going with an orange dye job. This will give you a more defined look and save you money on hair dye.

Even ashy brunettes can get a lot of versatility out of dyeing their hair red. It’s a great way to add some flair and pizzazz to their hair at the same time.

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You can always get extensions and dye them red to make it work if your hair isn’t naturally red. If you do this, you should take your time and pay attention to each and every strand of your hair to make sure you get the perfect color. A lot of the red that comes out of these types of dyes looks great when it’s mixed with blonde or brunette hair.

Blond hair has plenty of room to play with as well. You can get highlights with just about any kind of color. You can even use a tint of purple to get a little contrast in your hair.

These are great for when you want to break up the redness but don’t want to lose out on blonde. Both of these colors will really liven up your hair without making it too wacky.

As I said, hair coloring is a matter of personal preference. What works for one person may not be the right thing for another. Everyone’s skin tones and hair colors are going to be a little different.

If you have brown hair, you’re in luck, because there are a ton of brown hair dye ideas for brunettes that you’ll find useful.

Just remember that when it comes to hair color ideas for brunettes, you have a lot of options. You can go with a completely natural looking color, or you can choose to use highlights and other tricks to make your hair stand out.

Just make sure you do it right so you end up with a beautiful, natural look that looks great all day long. If you have lighter hair than most, you may have to use a bit more of the darker hair dye, but the result will still be great.