hair color ideas

This year there are many new and fresh color ideas coming out. From metallic colors to cool new pastels there is something for everyone this season. Here are some hair color ideas for you to try this year!

violet black hair


This year’s favorite hair color idea is still simple and sassy: sea green. This is one of the hottest new hair color ideas this year, because it is simple enough to do at home, and totally unique!

Plus to whet your appetite think about these other color combinations: royal blue roots on dark brown, rich golden-brown on light blonde, electric blue on light brown, or sunny yellow on medium colored hair!

These all look great as short or long hair and with the right highlights they can also be layered, or worn down for a wild and wacky look.

These new and fresh hair color ideas are fresh, modern, and funky! One example is the “sun-kissed highlights” which are a beautiful way to incorporate some color into your mid-length hair.

With the pale blue tones of the balayage, combined with the green of the sea salt and highlighted with a soft golden shimmer, this look will bring out the best in your eyes and make you look absolutely radiant. Another new favorite for this season is the hot pink tinge to the ends of your hair.

This look is a bit different from the balayage and sea green, but still very trendy. To achieve this look use a pomade with an extra bit of wax in it.

blonde hair color idea

Let your hair soak in the pomade for about 15 minutes and then comb it through to create a medium length style. Apply the wax religiously to your entire head starting at the scalp and working your way down the sides to your temples.

This new and fresh hair color ideas have been a big hit this season! If you have brown hair you can create new and fresh hair color ideas with these two very chic hair colors.

One is a slightly faded version of the classic blonde ombre hair color. The blonde goes on almost completely in the roots and ends up as a powder blonde at the tips.

To really break this look off, weave in some crimping hair extensions. This look will really catch people’s attention, especially when paired with a dark brown belt.

This one is a bit more time consuming than the blonde ombre hair color but it is so unique and cool that you will not be able to resist it!

Create this beautiful look by curling your hair into a high ponytail and securing a few accessories like a curling ribbon and some crimping elastic earrings.

rainbow color underneath

Then take some French pleats and secure them to your hair in a v-back fashion. Weave in a few French pleats to the top of your head at the nape of the neck and you are now wearing an up swept, balayage highlights style.

If you are looking for cool blonde highlights without having to dye your hair you should consider this cool new trend. This look is called French pleated highlights and is perfect for anyone who has light brown hair and does not want the hassle that comes with dying their hair.

To create this fashion you simply need to add a few sprigs of turban hair extensions. These extensions will stay in all day and give you the defined, classic blonde highlights that you have always wanted.

If you are going to add these extensions you will also want to add some light brown hair products so that they will stay looking fresh all day long.

You can get these light brown highlights for the entire year if you wish, but winter will make them go stale. To avoid that problem you can make these ombre spikes last as long as you want by keeping your roots thick and healthy.

There are a lot of different ways you can create these ombre spikes, but the best way is to make them semi-permanent with french clips and then let them dry in the air.

Once they are dried you can pull the clips out and clip them back in on the next day. If you are going to be outside a lot you might want to protect your hair with a helmet so that your spikes last the entire season, just make sure you don’t dye your hair.