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At Home Hair Care Tips – Simple, Yet Highly Effective Beauty Systems

So, whether you want to dye your naturally dark hair blue or add a few shades to it, now is the perfect time to try out some new looks. Unfortunately, many women who use these types of products, simply do not know how to style their hair correctly in order to make the best fashion statements.



You can make any color looks good on you; as long as you know the best products and techniques for applying them. As a result, if you are really interested in taking your beauty to the next level, make sure you read the advice listed here.

A woman’s crown is her glory. Hair plays a very essential part of our lives. Research shows that men refer to hair as the part that captures their first attention and the one that would gauge a woman’s appeal and attractiveness. That is one of the reasons we tend to go above and beyond to make our hair the best that it can by doing some home hair care tips.

We as women know that going to the salon is quite costly and they tend to use lots of synthetic products rather than natural products. Because of this, lots of us reduce our visits to our stylist and try some natural products at home. These products can be found in stores and shopping malls are a lot cheaper price.

It is useful to do it every day and of course to know the manner of daily attention. Attending to your hair includes daily washing and brushing, and choosing the shampoo and conditioner is the field that deserves attention. Be sure that your hair care matches your skin pH.

As a reward, you will get a magnificent view and a way how to make hair grow faster. For example, shampoos for “all hair types” do not only contain any treatment substances but may “wash out” their all-natural power. And anti-dandruff shampoos contain the substances which may unfavorably affect your colored hair: colors are washing out fast and losing its primordial view.

For now, each woman has her own problems with her hair, and everyone is trying to solve them. Somebody tries to solve them himself; someone wants to trust the ad or tries to prove one of his friends’ methods, there are many who are passing special salons to improve the health and beauty of their hair.

But it happens that the salon’s ad is just a false, even a good master may make a mistake. But he can set it right and you – not.

Nature has indeed bestowed us with so many things that help us in enhancing our well-being. Aside from the fact that these natural home hair care remedies are free, or for some, not as expensive as synthetic products; they also do not trigger side effects or cause problems in the long run.

You don’t have to buy it because you can make it yourself. Healthy, safe, and affordable; these homemade hair care remedies and treatments are surefire ways to get hair that is healthy, strong, and beautiful. There are several home hair care ideas available to you.

The type of home natural product you would need would also depend on your hair type. Whether it is dry, oily, or balanced; your hair will have varying needs, thus it will need a corresponding natural hair care treatment that is appropriate for it.



However, with a lot of options, which among them is the best? So, to give an overview, here are some of the most trusted and proven home hair care remedies and treatments that can be used in keeping your tresses looking at its finest.

diy home hair care

Hair Growth: Mix coconut milk and aspirin and put it in your hair for 2 hours. Rinse after. Another option would be to wash your hair with either peppermint or spearmint tea.

Avoid Split Ends: Put flat beer in your hair, after which you will wrap it in a towel for 1-2 hours. Rinse after. Do this twice a month.

Avoid Hair Loss: Apply raw egg and olive oil. Mix it together and apply it to the hair.

Retain Hair Color: Use rosemary. It is one of the most common home hair care products.

Dry Hair: Mix honey with 2 cups of fresh cream to add shine to your hair.

Dandruff: Mix a teaspoon of castor with mustard and coconut oil. Apply the mixture directly by massaging it to the scalp.

Oily Hair: Regularly wash hair with Multani mitti, to help reduce oil and clean the scalp.

Balanced Hair: To achieve a balanced hair, it is best to integrate zinc, raw vegetables, and fruit in your diet. Also, make it a point to hydrate by regularly drinking water.

With these natural home hair care treatments, you are sure to achieve healthy and beautiful locks without having to spend a lot of bucks. You can do these along with the use of other hair care products for better results.

A Complete Hair Care Practice

There is nothing as beautiful as seeing a lady with a bright smile on her face as the wind blows through  her beautiful healthy locks. Not only do men like to see this but also the lasses love their hair the most. We as women tend to pay more attention to our hair and then our skincare.

If we are having bad hair days, then nothing seems to flow right for us for that particular day; or until we get our hair issue resolve. It cannot be denied that women can do anything and everything to save their locks. The best motivational factor in keeping our hair healthy and beautiful is our very own mind.

It is a globally known fact that women suffer from bad mood swings, which every man wants to avoid encountering. But even when they have a destructive mindset, they would still make sure that nothing wrong happens to their hair. When in anger they decide to go for a haircut, even at that time they are cautious of every inch of their hair. Never mess up with their hair, else you will have to face the wrath of the woman!

The thing which makes a woman cranky beyond the expectations of a man is Hair Problem. We are aware of hair problems like:

  • Hair fall
  • Dandruff
  • Brittle and Frizzy Hair
  • Split ends
  • Oily Scalp

Stoppage of Hair Growth after one point

These are very common problems, and needless to say that they need proper attention. There are many natural treatments to these problems, which we can apply on a regular basis, but before that, we must know about what we already are using.

The hair care products that we use need to be intelligently chosen and not just because we are seeing their advertisements on the television. Most of us stay unaware of the fact that our shampoos and conditioners contain some chemicals which harm our hair or might not be suiting our hair type.

unbelievable hacks for healthy hair

The most important thing to keep in mind for hair care is to know your hair type. There are different types of products that are used for different hair types. Let us get the knowledge of our hair care products and see whether they really are taking care of our hair or are destroying them slowly.



1. Check the Ingredients of your Product- make sure that your product has the least amount of Surfactants, that is the lather forming chemical. Especially those who have an oily scalp, they should not randomly pick up a foam-forming shampoo.

Avoid using products with SLS (Sodium Laurel/Laurel Sulphate). This chemical forms good lather, but you must know that it is used in industrial detergents! Stop your hair from getting damaged There is a natural surf called Reetha also called Areetha.

You can break just two balls of reetha and mix in water, stir it up a bit, and that would form enough of lather for you to clean your scalp. Those who have a dry scalp, they must pick up a very natural shampoo which would not make their dry and scalp flaky.

This is how we check the chemical composition: the ones are written first have the most of the amount in that shampoo, and the ones are written in the last are used in little amounts.

Hair fall is caused by which is commonly used in conditions, shampoos and hair gels. It gives a very deceptive shine to the hair, but the inside story is that it breaks the healthy protein and cells which are the root cause of hair growth and maintenance. For shiny hair, use oils, rather than chemicals.

2. Check for Paraben and Formaldehyde- is a preservative used in beauty products. It is harmful because it seeps in through the hair and skin, and interferes with the endocrine system, causing premature aging and graying of hair. We need to be aware of all the chemicals which cause harm not only the to hair, but also the skin and our internal system.

Formaldehyde is a very harmful chemical that is used in the straightening of hair. Some shampoos contain formaldehyde to help people have frizz-free hair. Beware of the Keratin Hair Straightening shampoos, because they contain formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde causes intense damage to hair and along with that, it causes irritation in the throat, coughing, skin rashes, affects eyesight and causes nasal problems too. Long term use can cause dermatitis and excessive use for long periods can be cancerous too.

3. Choose your Oils Intelligently- If you are regularly oiling your hair and still suffering from hair problems, then it is time to know which oil to use. Not all oils are used to grease your hair. Nature is rich with healthy nutrients and minerals for our nourishment.

Use them intelligently. If you want frizz-free hair, instead of using such hard shampoos containing formaldehyde, you can use Argon Oil also called Moroccan Oil. It also acts like a healthy and natural Leave-In Conditioner. It does not cause your hair to look oily but is like a good serum.

We have already read above that hair fall is caused by the chemical called Propylyene glycol (PG), and oils must be used instead of using chemicals. Jojoba Oil controls hair fall by regenerating the hair roots and the cell structure. Stay away from shampoos that contain Alcohol (Isopropyl, Cetyl, Stearyl, Oleyl etc).

Alcohol is used in anti-dandruff shampoos, but it is very harmful to the hair and scalp because it can be excessively drying too, causing a fungal and bacterial infection. Tea tree oil is a very effective oil in keeping away bacteria and fungus from our scalp. It is an anti-dandruff oil, non-greasy oil.

If you are looking for thick hair that also has a good volume, then I would suggest that you begin to massage with Castor Oil. It is a very greasy and thick oil, which is difficult to settle in the pores, that is why it is suggested to use it with Coconut Oil, olive oil and almond oil.

The mixture of these three oils is the best hair care product. If you have a dandruff problem, then you can simply slice a lemon and squeeze it in Mustard Oil and massage it on your scalp gently.

4. Which Chemicals are Permissible for Hair- We understand that we cannot completely do away with the market made hair care products like shampoos because of the changing environmental conditions. Therefore it is suggested to look for PANTHENOL, the chemical equivalent to Vitamin B in products.

Also check for Citric Acid, which easily cleans the scalp and helps us have a healthy hair cuticle. It gives a natural shine to the hair. Shea Butter is good for having a natural shine on hair. So a conditioner having a blend of oils and shea butter can be used without worrying about side effects.

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