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No matter what your hair type, straight hair, curly hair, black hair, thick hair, and on camera hair breakage occur to you from time to time. When it comes to having (and keeping) beautiful-looking locks, it’s all about taking small steps to prevent hair breakage most of the time as much as possible.

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If you are tired of constantly seeing your hair looking dull, matted, and lifeless, then you need to give hair breakage treatment a try.

The truth is that hair care tips such as keeping hair moisturized all the time, avoiding brushing it too hard, using products designed for fine hair, and the like are far more effective than anything that hair care companies would ever suggest you use.



However, not everyone can afford these things. That is why there are also a lot of hair care products being sold in stores and even online. But although these are pretty effective, they might not work as good or might not be good enough for your hair as well.

One hair breakage treatment product that is getting a lot of attention these days is infrared technology. This technique uses infrared heat waves to stimulate the strands’ natural proteins. In turn, these proteins repairs damaged hair strands and promotes their growth. It is very gentle to the hair.

Infrared heating does not cause any damage to the natural hair strands. This is why it is effective on all hair types. This hair breakage treatment procedure involves just a few simple steps. For starters, an infrared light wave is transmitted through a tube onto the damaged areas.

The transmitted waves stimulate the hair strands and helps them repair themselves. The heat from the infrared technology can reach up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you would be able to get results even if it is raining outside.

There are some people who are hesitant to try hair breakage treatment options due to the risk of damaging the hair strands. But this is not the case. Infrared heat damages only the outermost layer of the hair shaft. The rest of the hair remains unaffected and healthy.

The best thing about this hair breakage treatment option is that it is painless and hair growth is stimulated even without causing any kind of damage to the hair. Another natural hair breakage treatment option is using good quality hair treatments containing essential oils.

Essential oils like jojoba oil, henna oil and Rosemary oil have the ability to penetrate into the cuticle level. This enables the essential oils to penetrate the inner portion of the strands that are responsible for hair growth. They are safe to use and the hair rebuilding treatment process is faster.

There are many types of hair breakage treatment options available in the market today. You can either opt for the traditional methods or opt for the newer non-surgical and non-invasive treatment options. The traditional methods include the use of hot rollers to massage the strands, hot waxing, tweezing and other heated therapies.

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These treatments can permanently damage the natural hair growth cycle of the strands and hence cannot be used on a continuous basis. So it is better to opt for a hair treatment option that does not cause any permanent damage to the strands.

Non-invasive and non-surgical treatments include the use of natural herbs like aloe vera and green tea. They have the ability to moisturize the cuticle and stimulate hair growth. They are also effective in reducing dryness and inflammation which help to prevent hair breakage due to dryness.



Another amazing hair breakage treatment with trichologist can be achieved by using olive oil as massage oil. The combination of this oil with the scalp vitamin B-6 and magnesium is very useful in promoting hair growth. This treatment is safe and has the ability to prevent dryness, fringes, split ends and tangles. It also improves the texture of the hair strands.

The usage of heat protectant creams and gels is another useful treatment that helps to reduce hair breakage. The heat protectant component in the creams and gels helps to seal the cuticles of the hair strands and prevent them from being damaged by the extreme temperatures. The heat protectant also helps to restore the shine and smoothness of the hair strands.

There are also a number of other amazing heat styling tools available in the market for those who are looking to improve the way they look. These include flat irons, rollers and curling irons with tourmaline and titanium hair extensions.

These tools help to make the hair look smoother and add bounce and volume to hair. Flat irons with tourmaline and titanium hair extensions have the ability to prevent split ends while preventing breakage due to thermal overload. Curling irons with tourmaline and titanium plates help to give the hair the ability to stand on its own and prevent breakage.

Can You Stop Hair Breakage Treatment?

Like mentioned, hair breakage is common. In fact, if you look at any statistics, you will see that a large number of people will suffer from it at some point. However, it can have various forms. Fringed hair, for instance, is often a symptom of hair breakage caused by stress.

Split ends, meanwhile, are yet another form. When hair is still healthy, each hair follicle separates into two separate scales, making shine and smoothness (almost everything strive for, really) possible.

However, when there is disease or trauma to the hair, it starts to pull away from its two separate scales. When this happens, some hair strands are damaged, while others tend to grow finer. The result is hair breakage, and split ends.

If you have never experienced split ends, then it’s definitely an interesting problem. At first, it can feel as though there’s nothing wrong with your hair. You comb it just the way you always do, and you ignore the split ends. In no time, though, you’ll start to notice that your hair is less shiny and less healthy than it used to be.

What you need for hair breakage treatment is something that actually stops it from happening. Unfortunately, most products on the market don’t have this ability. Instead, they treat hair care problems by adding chemicals that dry, color, and strengthen hair fibers.

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The best treatments for hair breakage have ingredients that encourage hair growth and strengthen existing hair fibers. One such ingredient is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural emollient, so it softens and smooths hair as well as infusing moisture into it. It even provides some protection against UV damage.

There are plenty of other natural treatments for hair loss that use similar techniques. For example, the best treatments for thinning hair involve blending different kinds of herbs together.

Most herbs have anti-androgenic properties that are useful in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Nettle root extract, for example, contains an extract that binds to the hormone DHT. DHT is responsible for causing hair loss in about 80 percent of all men and women.

By using a treatment that contains nettle root extract, you can get rid of the hormone for good. This doesn’t mean you have to give up hair-care products entirely, however. While they’re not necessary to solve all of your hair loss problems, they can make a big difference in your overall health.

One herb that helps is saw palmetto. It’s a great natural aid in hair-loss prevention because it inhibits DHT from binding with the hair-growing follicles. Another one is biotin, which prevents testosterone from becoming a hormone that breaks down healthy hair. Biotin also encourages the growth of strong nails and skin.

These aren’t the only herbs you should look for, however. Pumpkin seed, green tea, sage and nettle root all have different ways of fighting hair loss and improving the health of your hair. They work on the level of the hair follicle, too.



You can easily find a hair breakage treatment that uses one or more of these herbs or simply take a multivitamin that contains them. Remember that while you can use many hair loss shampoos and creams to help prevent further hair loss, they won’t do any good if you’re still shedding hair.

Of course, there are some herbal remedies that are definitely worth taking. One popular remedy is burdock root, which helps prevent loss by strengthening the follicle. Catuaba bark extract works to prevent breakage in several ways, as well.

It stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow to the hair-producing follicles. There are a few other herbs that are really effective hair loss treatment options, too, but the ones I’ve mentioned here are some of the best ones available.

You might think that products that stop hair loss would be expensive, but there are some that you can use at home for free. You can buy shampoo and conditioner separately, which makes hair loss treatment a much cheaper option.

Some conditioners and styling products even contain ingredients that are designed to reduce hair loss, so you may want to stock up on those products as well. Even if you spend a little bit of money to stop hair loss, at least you’ll be saving money in the long run.

Hair loss can be frustrating, especially if you’re a man. If you find that you’re losing your hair, talk to your doctor or a hair loss professional about your condition. He or she may be able to recommend products for you that can stop hair breakage treatment and help your hair recover from hair loss sooner.