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What Are Split Ends?

Split ends are what they sound like: the frayed ends at the scalp where the hair follicle is not a completely smooth whole, but has split into several pieces. This condition may occur for many reasons.



The most common scientific explanation for split ends is that when the natural cuticle (a protective layer of hairs) becomes weak, hair gets exposed to splits and cracks.


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What are split ends? They are actually what is called “lumpy” hairs because they have split ends which do not fall in line with each other. Split ends are what they sound like; the broken ends of the strands where the root hair is no longer an entire smooth hole and has separated into multiple pieces. The strands may not be connected to each other, they may be separated by as little as one-half inch or as much as five inches.

When the split ends reach a certain size, the strands of hair become stiff and cannot be separated. These stiff pieces of hair are referred to as “chicken” strands, and these are the ones that we will focus on in this article.

Now, why does split ends at the scalp result in chicken strands? Well, when strands get split and bent in two, they have a tendency to stick together. These sticky strands make them difficult to separate. Because this is such an obstacle, the split ends grow up into new hair cells.

Chicken strands, by the way, are not just found on the head; they also appear on the body. If you have an abundance of split ends on one side of your body, you may notice that you have chicken strands on the other side. A great example of this is if you have short, curly hair.

While you don’t notice them on your head, if you have long, straight hair, then you will see this on your shoulder and back.

Another cause of split ends is too much chemical exposure. This means that your hair is constantly being washed and conditioner by products containing chemicals like hairspray and gels. If the chemicals build up in the scalp for a long period of time, they may cause this problem.

Lastly, the scalp is also a prime location for split ends. During the winter months, when the temperature drops and the scalp are exposed to freezing temperatures, the strands become brittle and they split easily.

So, now that we know what are they and how do I know if my hair is split? There are a few things that you can do to prevent this condition. First, you can use shampoo with anti-chicken herbs like saw palmetto and horsetail, which are great at protecting the strands and preventing further splits.

Second, you can use a good conditioner designed for split ends; like Revitol Anti-Chick Treatment, or any other good conditioner that contains this ingredient. Third, and possibly the best remedy, are to leave the split ends to grow naturally by growing it out.



The reason why this works is because the growth phase, when the split ends begin to form new hair, is the easiest part. Once the hair is in the growth phase, then they will just continue to grow. While they are growing, they produce a thicker, fuller look to your hair.

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So, if you want your hair to grow longer and thicker and have less split ends, wait until the growth phase is over. After that, simply keep growing your hair out longer.

After that, you may even want to start using the Revitol Anti-Chick Treatment again to speed up the growth process. to give it a better chance at staying in place. If your hair is thicker, you can leave it in the growth phase longer and use more product.

What are split ends? So, now that you know all about how to prevent and stop them, the next question is, what should you do to treat them? Well, one treatment is called a split end shampoo.

Shampoo for split ends is the most popular choice these days, as it has proven effective for more than just hair. Shampoos contain natural ingredients like aloe Vera, which helps moisturize your hair while reducing the number of split ends. It can help stop split ends from getting worse and it can even help keep them from returning.

What Are Split Ends? Preventing Hair Loss – What Are They?

What are split ends? Simply put, split ends happen because of the thinning or breaking of the root hair. While split ends are usually recognizable only on the ends of your hair, they can also occur anywhere along the strand.

Hair follicles start out as a single unit, growing straight into the scalp until a point where the hair starts to break down at some point along the strand. If there is not enough protein in the strand to keep the split-off growth at bay, split ends may occur.

Once a split develops, it usually breaks off into several pieces that eventually grow back together in the same spot. When this happens, the strand becomes weak and thinner.

Hair breaks down into different categories. First is the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of skin and scales over the scalp. This is then broken down by a chemical called dandruff. The next type of hair is the cuticle that is broken down to individual hairs.


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Split ends happen when the cuticle of your hair becomes too thick or weak. You have two options for fixing this: surgery or by using hair products. Some hair loss treatments work by killing hair follicles that are damaged or dying the root. This will usually help to stop split-end development.

There are other causes for split ends, such as illness, stress, genetics, and lifestyle. People who suffer from chronic illness or have thyroid issues may be more susceptible to developing split ends. Stress, for instance, can result in many hormonal imbalances. Certain medications can affect the way your body grows, making it even harder to prevent breakage.

Split-end hair typically falls in two places: in the center of your head and at the tip. Many people find that their scalp looks dull after using a lotion or shampoo designed to reduce split-end development.



While it can take a little time for split-end growth to return to normal, in some cases, it is possible to completely stop it from occurring. if your scalp is exposed to the right type of environment and nutrition.

As with all hair care issues, the best remedy is prevention. By not picking, using, and choosing a good hair product, you can help to stop split-ends before they happen.

Breakouts don’t just occur because you aren’t caring for your hair well. In fact, if you brush your hair regularly, you could be preventing your hair from breaking down altogether! Using a proper conditioner daily can also prevent split-end development and give you stronger, healthier hair.

If you think your hair is already unhealthy, it could also be due to split ends. While it isn’t a common cause, split ends can be caused by things like malnutrition, pregnancy, and poor diet. If you do have these reasons, talk with your doctor to determine the reason why you’re experiencing these breakouts.

Then you can begin your treatment. If your doctor diagnoses the problem, there are a number of different things you can try.

One of them is a nutritional supplement designed to provide vitamins and nutrients to your hair. Vitamin B complex can give your hair the needed minerals and vitamins it needs to stay healthy and strong. Some experts suggest taking a multi-vitamin with vitamin B complex on a regular basis.

Biotin, vitamin C, and other minerals are all essential to hair health. To help reduce the likelihood of a split-end development, the scalp must be given all the necessary ingredients to produce new cells and strengthen your hair follicles. This can be achieved through the use of various shampoos, gels, and scalp treatments.

In addition, your diet can play a large role in helping your hair to grow and keep healthy.

By eating a healthy diet and increasing the amount of fiber your diet, you can help to prevent your hair from falling out and break-outs. In addition, drinking enough water will help your body to flush out all the toxins that lead to the split-end development.

In order to receive all the nutrients necessary to have healthy hair, you will need to consume vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and is found in many fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables will also help to boost the amount of blood that gets to your follicles.