how often should you wash natural hair

How often should you wash your natural hair? This is a question that many people keep asking, and the answer isn’t always clear.

when to wash natural hair

There are some things you can look out for when it comes to this issue, and here are some tips that should help you decide whether or not to wash your hair on a regular basis.

If you have never washed your hair before, then you should aim to wash it every two weeks if you’re planning to style it up, and once a week if you want it to stay as natural as possible.

This is the best way to ensure that your hair will remain as healthy as possible, and you will have less problems with split ends.



Of course, you can wash your hair every day, but only if you’re planning on styling your hair with chemicals like bleach or flat iron. If you want to use those kinds of products, then you should wash your hair every other day.

The co-wash method is another popular way to clean your hair. Some of the most popular co-washing shampoos include Cetaphil, Advantus, and Head and Shoulders.

When you co-wash your hair, you mix one small container of shampoo and one small container of conditioner in a plastic shower bottle.

Before you leave your hair, you should rub a little bit of shampoo into your scalp and then put a small amount of conditioner on each strand. Co-washing shampoos are really good for increasing the life of your hair strands and they don’t strip the conditioner from the strands.

when to wash your hair

When you first start washing your natural hair, you might find that your stylist has a spray bottle that you can use. Although you shouldn’t be using the spray bottle straight out of the bottle, you can take a few sips and put the bottle over your head and then blow dry it.

Your natural hair will absorb the scent of the spray, which makes it even more enjoyable to wash each day. If you get into the habit of spraying your hair when you wash it, you’ll be able to wash a single strand in as little as five sittings.

Once you get used to the habit, you’ll notice that it doesn’t take much to get your whole head of hair clean, although you might want to add some shampoo, conditioner, and heat protection to your regular shampoo.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your shampooing time, try using a homemade conditioner. There are many different types of conditioners that you can make at home, such as apple cider vinegar, yogurt, or even coconut milk.

These conditioners work well as co-washing agents because they are natural ingredients that do not strip the conditioner from your hair strands.

As with using co-washing agents, you should experiment with which types of conditioner work best for your hair type. If you find that a particular co-wash doesn’t work, you can experiment with a different brand until you find the one that works best for you.



Many people believe that it is wrong to wash your hair every day, but this isn’t true. In fact, it is better to not wash your hair every day and to not use any other styling aids such as curling irons, flat irons, and flat combs to dry your hair.

Chemically processed hair will tend to get dried out and break easily if it is not washed on a regular basis, and this is why it is important to give your hair a chance to recover and stay strong.

In addition, it is best to avoid using any products that contain oils, such as lotions, moisturizers, or styling gels because these products can leave your hair slippery and prone to breakage.


It is also important to get regular shampoo and flossing, and to make sure that your scalp is properly moisturized with each bath or shower.