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The best beard trimmer is an excellent tool that eliminates unwanted hair from your face without cutting it too close to your skin.

If you desire a smooth, hair-free hair on your entire face, you should invest in a quality beard trimmer. An electric beard trimmer is definitely a must-have for keeping facial hair under control.

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However, this type of trimmer can be quite expensive. You may want to use the best beard trimmer in combination with an electric clipper. This way, you get the best of both worlds.



The best beard trimmer comes with many different attachments. There are rotary and powered attachments as well as combs and flexible attachments.

A number of manufacturers make several types of attachments so that you can grooming at home at a more comfortable pace. Below, we discuss three of the most common types of attachments for this popular device:

1. Wahl Kulla is a great attachment for the best beard trimmer because it does not move too much during the styling process. It allows you to move back and forth to reach areas that are difficult to reach.

The wahl villa is very effective at trimming the hair at the sides and back of the neck. Some people prefer to use this attachment on their wet hair rather than the dry hair.

2. Braun Best Beard Trimmer While the Braun product has received a lot of attention recently, it actually made its first appearance decades ago. This classic beard trimmer does not do a lot of trimming, but does make quick work of trimming long hairs.

The blade is very sharp, so you can easily trim the longer hairs without getting cut. This will be an ideal option for those with fine or coarse hair that they want to keep in control. The best beard trimmer to date from Braun includes a dual action design that allows the user to choose a straight path or a curving path.

This is perfect for those who need to shape their facial features.

3. Remington Norelco SpeedXL Another model from Remington is the Speed XL. This model from Remington is another favorite with consumers. The Speed XL uses a nylon cord, which is long enough to manage both curly and straight hairs. The attachments used on the Norelco Speed XL include a serrated blade and dual action brush.

4. Beard trimmers by Worth The Gold The Worth The Gold line offers a versatile selection of different attachments. Some of the attachments are removable so you can move them around to different parts of your face without having to change the head unit.

Other attachments are stationary, so you can use the trimmers right out of the box. These attachments can be changed out as your facial hair grows. This is one of the best beard trimmers that Worth The Gold offers.

5. Best Beard Trimmers from Panasonic Some beard trimmers comes from Panasonic. These models offer users a lot of convenience and functionality.

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With so many beard trimmers available, no man should be walking around with untidy facial hair.

The best beard trimmer from Panasonic features a wet to dry system. It is easy to use because of the built in wet to dry head. This is also an efficient way to remove nicks and cuticles because it is completely water tight.



6. Aera Bodygroomer Another model from Aera Bodygroomer is the Bodygroomer XL. This model from Aera Bodygroomer also offers a good selection of attachments. You can get a trim while shaving, body hair removal, and body hair removal with this model.

It has an included warranty and comes with three to four hours of charge time. This trimmer has a lightweight design which makes it easy to carry.

Which Beard Trimmer Should You Choose?

Are electric beard trimmer’s any good? In short, yes, they are! In fact, cordless beard trimmers are often better than corded ones because they are more effective, which is why most traditional barber shops still use them even for traditional hair.

The only drawback, of course, they take up too much space and restrict where you can safely groom yourself. However, almost all electric beard trimmers are cordless, which means they’re more practical, more versatile, and capable of doing the job just as well at a fraction of the time!

The best beard trimmer is obviously the one with all the attachments. There are tons of attachments to choose from, so you can do nearly anything you’d like to do with it. Some of the more popular attachments include: Dryers, scissors, trays, blowers, mousses, and foam rollers.

Most are used for straight trimming longer hair but there are some that also work great for facial hair, or for bikini line trimming if you have long hair and thinning it at the same time. The best beard trimmer, however, depends on what you would like to achieve and how much time you have to spend styling your hair.

So, what do you want to achieve with a beard trimmer? First off, are you going to want one that’s very powerful so you get a clean shave every time and anywhere, or are you more concerned about getting a close shave that covers up stubble? Either way, you’ll want to know which attachments work best for getting the results you want.


If you’re looking for a very powerful best beard trimmer, look for one that has a double blade system, one that cuts both back and front of the hair. This is much better at taking out stubble than just using one blade, because it helps minimize the chances of stubble growing back.

Another great option is a “stubble shield” attachment, which covers up hair that may have already grown back so no one has to see it, making it a much safer product than just using a regular blade.



Make sure you test each attachment on an area of your face before using it in a real world situation though, so you don’t end up with a big green mess instead of a nice trim.

Now, if you’re just looking for the closest shave possible, you’ll be more focused on which blade best suites you. There are two main categories for beard trimmers, straight and curly, with each having its own set of attachments.

For straight hair, the best beard trimmer attachments would be the straightening scissors, as they’ll get you perfectly smooth results every single time.

However, there are also dual action attachments that let you get a very close trim every time, as well as a mousse attachment for keeping hairs from growing back.

The last main category of beard trimmer is all-around electric models, which typically have a rechargeable battery and a small, separate handheld battery.

The cordless models are popular because they are often less expensive but tend to have less power than their corded counterparts. Be sure to test out the entire range of attachments before deciding on which one you want, as it’ll take only a few minutes of test firings to see if it works well for you.