3c hair

3C Hair is very curly hair and also very dry. It is classified as Keratin Complex type. It is also called a curly type. The best way to describe it is wavy hair.



This hair type can be found in most of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Tibet, Nepal and China. Indian is the biggest producer of this hair type.

3c curly hair

If you are planning to style or cut this hair then you need to understand that it can be very difficult to handle. You need to take care of this hair so that you don’t harm it. 3C hair type has several benefits but it is also very challenging to manage. Here we will look at some of the things that you need to take care of when styling or cutting this hair.

Conditioner: This hair type is known for having some really beautiful curls. These curls are known for being very easy to manage and they don’t take much effort to maintain them. However, if you want to have a curly look then you will need to apply some conditioner on your hair regularly.

You should try and buy conditioners which are specially manufactured for this type of hair because there are many shampoos which are specially made for this coif.

Coils: This is another important characteristic of 3c hair type. The texture of this type of hair is that it is very close to the human body. So when your hair is wet it moves a lot and there is a lot of tangles. When you brush or comb it then there will be some amount of tangling because the strands inside the brush or comb are not tightly packed together.

To manage this texture you need to buy some good quality brushes with small sized heads.



Conditioning: The texture of this hair is that it moves easily and is frizz-free. If you are going for straightening you will find that it is quite difficult. This coif can handle both straightening and curling easily. Therefore, when buying coif you should go for those coifs which are specially designed for the 3c hair type.

Straightening: One of the best features of this hair type is that it has many options for straightening. There are different types of straightening like wet to dry, wet to heat and straight. Each of these has its own benefits and disadvantages.

For example, if you are looking for a straight hairstyle you can use some blow drying heat appliances or you can use some blow dryers. If you are looking for a simple and casual straight hairstyle then you can use some hair rollers or some hair curling irons.

3c wash and go style

Wavy Hairstyles: Those who have a wavy hair texture will find that they can create many different styles with their curls. This is because most curls are curly. Therefore, if you have wavy hair you can make your curls appear quite straight.

One way to do this is to add some texture by brushing your hair with a wide tooth comb. You can also use a large serrated brush to soften your curls. Then you can simply scrunch them into a bun or a ring.

To get rid of unruly curls there are some ways that can work. First, you should try to add some moisture to your hair strands using moisture rich shampoo and water. Also, you should try to apply some moisturizing shampoos which are meant for the 3c hair type.

Last, you can use a heat protectant spray made for the 3c hair type on your wet hair strands. These sprays will keep your hair strands from absorbing excess heat from the environment.

Proper Care And Treatment Of Curly Pattern Hair Types

3c hair type is an exclusive hair type, which is considered as the most demanding and sought after type of hair in the market today. It is a versatile type that suits all occasions, hairstyles and looks perfect with different shades, textures and colors.

3c hair type has an attractive natural sheen that makes it one of the most desired and highest paying hair types. Its texture and curls are tight-packed together to attain the glossy texture in every stroke.



To get the best performance from your 3c hair type, it is highly important to first know the type. The categories are; smooth, limp and dry. This helps you choose the right moisturizer for your hair. For smooth hair the best way to moisturize it is to apply a good quality moisturizing shampoo and to use conditioners that suit the texture of your hair.

Dry hair has plenty of moisture but is prone to split ends. This type of hair types is moisturized well by using thickening shampoo and then using conditioners which suit the texture of the hair to give the desired look and feel. Best way to moisturize this type of curls is to apply some jojoba oil and then wash gently.

taking care of your 3c hair

Fringed hair is prone to frizz and can become very much irritated and hot when subjected to extreme hot and cold conditions. To counter the frizzy condition, applying heat protectant or sprays is a good way to reduce the tendency. The drying is also reduced by the application of heat protecting creams and shampoos.

To get rid of the frizz on dry 3c hair type, the application of heat protecting serums is the best way to reduce the frizz. Due to their unique nature, curly hairs are prone to extreme dryness and damage if not kept properly hydrated.

To hydrate them, the application of clay based conditioning shampoos and deep conditioning masks is highly recommended.

The use of such conditioners should be regularly apart from the regular shampoo as the conditioners are highly absorbed by the hair and cannot be washed off.

Deep conditioning masks like the clay based one works by lifting the dirt and debris from within the scalp leaving the hair with a rich and shiny look.

Moreover, they work as great moisturizers for the scalp and provide additional protection against the harmful effects of the sun, air-conditioning, extreme pollution and other damaging agents.

Kinky curly hair types are characterized by the extreme cuticle of the hair shaft. These types of curls have a number of natural proteins found in them that makes it very shiny. However, it has the tendency to break easily, and hence frequent trimming is necessary to maintain its shape and size.

Those with kinky curly type 3c hair type often need to use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to dry out the hair after its wash.



Those having the natural softness of human hair, possess the gentlest hair cutters available in the market. This gentle styling helps in minimizing the split ends and the damage caused due to tangles caused due to the repeated twisting and curling of the hair.

Those having the kinky type 3c hair type often have a problem with their stylists that makes it impossible for them to maintain their type of curls, therefore they are forced to go for cuts which make the cuticles look shagged and unkempt.

Such people should also avoid the use of any sort of hot styling tools to prevent the cuticles from being damaged.

Those with straight hair, are the ones who have the least possibility of developing curls. However, they too, require proper care and treatment for their curl type hair type. They can either opt for the loose, medium or straight hairstyles, depending on the kind of curl they have.

Those having the wavy, curly pattern hair types should use the wide tooth combs to add variety in their hair styles. Those looking forward to wearing hair accessories like, bandeaus, cornrows, braids and locks, should ensure that they wear accessories only after undergoing a proper hair cut.