One of the fastest growing trends in hair styling these days is that of hair extensions. While some women are naturally blessed with thick hair that grows rapidly and easily, others might find their mane takes months, or even years to even grow even a few inches.

how to make your hair grow faster

While hair extensions can be an excellent solution for people who want their hair fast, it is advisable to learn a few good hair growing habits to help make your hair grow much faster.



Of course, one of the first things you need to do when wanting to know how to make your hair grow faster is to stop using most commercial hair loss remedies on your head. In particular, this includes using most hair care and styling products such as shampoos, gels and sprays.

These types of hair products have been scientifically proven to trigger significant hair loss.

Even if you haven’t tried using home remedies to speed up your hair growth before, you should definitely try it. There are many natural home remedies that have been proven to work just as well as some of the commercial hair loss products.

One of the best examples of how to make your hair grow faster without using harmful chemicals is to massage your scalp every night with essential oils. These include Rosemary, clove and henna oils, and even lavender and tea tree oil.

Another common question asked by people who are curious about how to make your hair grow faster is how to prevent breakage. Breakage is actually a common cause of premature hair loss in men and women.

In order to prevent breakage, shampoo your hair regularly, and make sure that you rinse out all of your hair products in order to get rid of all of the residue that may be left behind.

balanced diet

There are also a number of supplements on the market today that promote hair health and growth. The most popular herbs on the market include saw palmetto, green tea, aloe vera and nettle root. These all have different ways of promoting hair health and growth.

For instance, saw palmetto works by blocking a certain hormone from binding with the hair follicle. Green tea works by increasing circulation and so working with the blood flow to the follicles on your scalp. Aloe vera promotes healthy cell growth and has various skin benefits, while nettle root improves the strength of the hair shaft.

It’s a good idea to start taking vitamins each day, but you should make sure that you’re taking a high quality vitamin to prevent damage from free radicals. Free radicals are created when you don’t have a healthy diet and are normally caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun.

You can protect your hair and promote hair growth with the right vitamins and nutrients. In fact, if you consume an abundance of vegetables and fruits during the week, it’s even better for your hair because it will help to reduce the amount of free radicals produced.



If you want to know how to make your hair grow faster, you should definitely consider adding more proteins to your diet.

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There are a few good options available, including sesame seed, wheat proteins and grass-fed gelatin. grass-fed gelatin has been shown to have natural substances that help promote stronger hair, so it’s a good idea to add some to your diet as well.

In addition to these natural proteins, you should make sure that you eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables have natural properties that can strengthen the strands of your hair.

The final step on how to make your hair grow faster is to increase the amount of blood circulation in your scalp. By doing this, you’ll allow more nutrients to reach the roots of your hair strands. This not only helps to keep your hair healthier, but will help to prevent breakage as well.

Learn How to Make Hair Grow Faster and Healthy

If you are wondering how to make your hair grow faster, you must first know that there are actually a lot of things that cause the rate of hair loss to increase in women. One of the biggest factors is poor hair care. Some women are lucky enough to have naturally long and thick hair, but for others, this is not the case.

In fact, many women complain about how their hair only grows a few inches per month, or sometimes not at all. While hair extensions can always be an option for people who want long hair right away, it is always good to learn good hair care habits to make your hair grows faster.

One of the most common things that causes hair loss is the chemicals in your shampoo and/or hair products. You need to read the labels when buying shampoo or hair products to make sure that they contain high amounts of harmful chemicals.

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For example, if you are using a product with a degreasing agent, such as sodium laureth sulphate, then you should know that this is harmful. While there are now shampoos and hair products that do not contain these types of agents, you should still read the labels. This way, you can avoid making your hair and scalp excessively dry.

Another one of the main causes of hair loss is poor diet. Many people who are on a low-fat, low-sugar diet don’t realize that they also deprive their bodies of necessary vitamins and minerals that are vital to hair growth. Without these essential nutrients, the hair becomes brittle and thin.

It also produces less natural oil, which leads to breakage and dullness. Learning how to make your hair grow faster by eating more vegetables is a great first step. Not only are vegetables low in fat but they are rich in the vitamins and minerals essential to keeping your scalp healthy.



One of the oldest home remedies for hair growth is olive oil. If you use just a few drops of this oil in your scalp, then you can stimulate the follicles to produce more hair.

When you first try this method of how to make your hair grow faster, you might notice that it makes your hair weak and limp for a few days. Don’t worry, though, this is normal. Just give it some time and the oil will help your hair become stronger and healthier.

Improving your diet is a great start, but it does not have to stop there. Using natural herbs that promote hair health can help you out as well.

For example, using green tea as a drink or in a scalp massage can promote hair growth. Another herb that you should consider using when learning how to make your hair grow faster is nettle root. This herb has shown to increase the amount of hair cells that live within the follicles.

So, if you want to get more hair strands growing quickly, then make sure you keep your scalp and hair healthy. There are also a lot of other ways you can promote hair growth and keep your strands looking healthier and fuller. You can use natural herbs, vitamins, and home remedies to make your strands healthier.