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The side effects of a stressful life will lead to hair loss. We all have those days regularly or every once in a while. So remember that a healthy body produces healthy hair. We need to enhance our overall health to strengthen and thicken our hair. Both men and women suffer hair loss as it is quite common.

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Women suffer from hair thinning all over their heads; while men suffer from a receding hairline. This can develop into men having a bald patch. You can stimulate the natural growth of your hair with a proper diet and exercise. Jogging or aerobics is known to be very effective in preventing hair loss and thus hair thickening.

Jogging outdoors three to four times a week is ideal for a healthy body and soul. This is best because we get to breathe the fresh air on the outside. Aerobics play a vital role as it increases the circulation of our blood as this works well for hair growth and re-growth or aerobics.



As you may, Niacin is a naturally occurring vitamin within the human body. It assists with blood that circulates towards the edges of the body, which includes your scalp. This powerful vitamin creates a flush effect in the body thus forcing blood to enter the capillaries present in the skin and scalp, which gives you a warm feeling.

This increased blood circulation is the key to re-grow and thicken hair. Niacin also detoxifies your scalp from plaque that has been accumulated in the capillaries. This allows liberal blood circulation to your skin and scalp, which helps thicken hair.

B-complex vitamins are known to beat stress, which is a key reason for all modern-day illnesses that we suffer from. The mind-body connection produces stress hormones when the body is stressed out. These hormones over time cause damage to the body, including the scalp and hair.

Stress also tightens up the scalp region, which in turn reduces blood circulation and affects hair growth. B-complex vitamins upgrade the nervous system so that the body copes up with stressful situations and stays healthy mentally and physically.

Oils are great for re-growing your hair. Massaging your scalp at least once per week with oil helps to promote blood circulation and also nourishes your scalp. In turn, you get hair growth and thickness; and also combats hair loss. You can use almond, olive or coconut oil as a single massage oil, or you can combine all of them for better results.


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Emu oil is used to fight scalp inflammation and keeps the hair healthy. Inflammation is the basic reason why we get hair loss which causes the scalp to hurt. Apart from applying Emu oil, you should also take antioxidants which combat inflammation.

A scalp massage is a simple and effective thinning hair treatment. A lack of blood flow to the scalp can cause hair loss. Massaging your scalp helps stimulate more blood to your roots. This allows your strands to receive the nutrients necessary to promote growth since the blood carries vitamins and minerals to the scalp.

Massaging your scalp also helps to eliminate dirt and excess oil which can clog the follicles and prevent them from receiving nutrients. Your diet is another important factor that determines the quality and thickness of your hair. Hair follicle inflammation due to DHT is the main reason for hair fall.

Making changes to your diet is better than trying to reduce DHT. Use foods that are rich in antioxidants such as spinach and kale which contain the antioxidant Zeaxanthin that protects your hair roots. Reducing sugar intake will help a lot in fighting inflammation.



Foods to keep away from are brown sugar, white sugar, bread and rice, by reducing the intake of which you can regrow or thicken hair rapidly. This will also help in improving your overall body health, which is essential for hair growth.

Stay away from chemical-based shampoos, as they can cause hair loss. Switch to natural shampoos that suit your hair. Ideally, you should look for some shampoo made of a few natural herbs. Have herbal tea two to three times a day to refresh your skin and naturally thickens hair.

Hairdryers can be another reason for hair fall and may stand in the way of thick hair. Another thing you need to stay away from is the hair gels. These can cause serious damage to your hair because of the chemicals that are used in them. Fried foods and animal fat is another thing you must use less of; as too is unhealthy for our bodies and hair.

These foods clog your arteries over time and affect vital functions in your body. These steps help in weight loss which in turn helps stop hair loss. Losing excess fat will unclog the capillaries, which improves blood circulation, a key factor helping hair re-growth and hair thickening.

Also, use fresh olive oil for cooking, as it is supposed to be healthier than other cooking oils. Above all, stop fretting and just relax! Do not try to achieve perfection in everything. Long-term stress is associated with an unhealthy body and also leads to hair loss.



Take some time for yourself, do things you love to do, respect yourself and your body. Strong, thick, and shiny hair will just happen!