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Recommendations For Curly Hair Types

Type 2c hair is probably the most distinct and prominent wave form of all three main type 2 hair categories. This hair type exhibits very loose spiraling curls and forms loose, spiraling curls across the entire scalp.

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It is classified as a closed, ring shaped hair which means that each curl has been created by the shaft wrapping itself around and tucking in to form a ring. This unique curl type does not lend itself too well to typical hair styling and needs a bit more maintenance and attention than its faster-growing cousin the chemise hair.



Unfortunately this unique hair type also has some very noticeable characteristics which make it very difficult to style and handle. This means that many women will be left disappointed after using these types of shampoos and conditioners simply because they cannot achieve the looks they are looking for from this styling product.

When trying to style this type of hair most hair stylists will recommend a wide-toothed comb or brush when applying the shampoo to help detangle the curls and to move the hair from the scalp to the ends. It is also advised that these high conditioners be applied in generous amounts and left on the hair for the full length of the shampooing process.

If you wish to add thickness and body to your naturally thick, coarse type 2c hair then using a clarifying shampoo or conditioning treatment should be a first priority after shampooing. Clarifying shampoo should add moisture back to the hair and reduce the amount of frizz by locking in the moisture which is often lost during the styling process.

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It is best to purchase a clarifying shampoo which features Panthenol and natural botanicals such as Rosemary and tea tree oil to ensure that the hair products you use are as gentle as possible to prevent any potential damage. It is common with curly type 2c hair that the curls can become quite unmanageable after washing.



This makes it crucial to use a detangling shampoo which will help to give the hair some body and volume. There are many different types of products available on the market, many of which work by creating a wavelike appearance on the hair when it is brushed through the hair.

Curly wave like hairstyles can be created using almost any type of detangling product, including flat irons, rollers and curling irons. After the curl has been smoothed, it can then be blow dried until it is fully dry. Those with naturally thick, wavy or defined waves can use a special type of flat iron to create defined waves.

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Before the hair type has been defined by the flat iron, the natural curl will be softened by rubbing the flat iron across the hair. Once the defined wave appears, it can then be blow dried and then set using a flat iron. It is advisable to use a ceramic disc for this process, as this helps to protect the hair from heat damage.

Once the desired look has been achieved, this type of styling can be maintained easily by using hair care products such as mousse and hairspray. Those with naturally curly hair can try out a type 2c wavy updo. These products involve pinning the hair into an up-do and then applying a base coat to hold the curls in place.

The up-do can then be pinned around the head, while small curls are left to be styled using a small hairbrush. It is essential to use a heat protecting spray applied to the hair and then finishing the style with a smoothing paste.

Those with naturally straight hair can also try out these types of products. They involve spraying the hair with a heat protecting spray and then using a frizz control brush to add texture to the curls. The frizz control brush can be used to add volume to the curls or to reduce their appearance, depending on the desired look that is desired.



For those who are looking for an alternative to the professional services offered by hair typing stylists, there are a number of online websites that provide similar styling services. One can even upload their own pictures onto such sites for a more personalized look.

For curly types, these can be a good option since one need not spend hours at a hairstylist’s clinic to get great curls. For those who cannot afford to pay a visit to a salon, they can just try out these easy home based styles, which can still look amazing.

In addition, with the variety of styling tools available on the market these days, any woman can create any look using a few basic tools.

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Different Hair Styling Tools for Curly and Wavy Type 2C Hair

Type 2C hair has certain characteristics which are different from other types of hair. For instance, its basic structure is derived from the natural curliness of its cortex. Then, it is also classified into three categories: B, 2A and 2C.

Classified into naturally curly, straight and wavy hair type 2C hair forms an S-shaped pattern in the hair and the stronger the S shape, the straighter the hair is. There are various styling techniques which can be used to make this type of hair look fabulous.

The loose spiral curls are one of the most popular styles in this type of hair. This particular spiral curl pattern looks very good on all types of hair. It is a type of open spiral curl pattern, wherein the natural curl in the middle part of the spiral curls varies from tight to looser, depending upon the type of hair and its natural elasticity.

The loose spiral curls usually look great on long and short hair. Another styling technique which can be used to give this type of hair a different look is called defining waves. In defining waves, a certain amount of natural wave is defined over a certain area of the hair. This gives this particular style the versatility to suit different types of faces.

The coarse type 2c hair has very fine hair shafts, which tend to look dull and lifeless. Therefore, they do not go well with types of vibrant shades. To get rid of this type of hair, dry and curl them by using a wide tooth comb or any other stiff styling tools.

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Also, this coarse type 2c hair can benefit by using any type of hair styling product. These products tend to provide more body and volume to this type of hair.

Those who have naturally curly hairs on the other hand, will probably feel like they are not normal when it comes to their appearance. This might cause them to feel self-conscious about their looks. Fortunately, there are many options available to those who wish to add some character to their type 2c hair.

One option is to have wavy waves defined over the coarse type 2c hair. This helps the curly hair to appear softer and smoother, making it look like it is naturally curly.

For those who have naturally curly hair but wish to make it more bouncy, a flat iron with a ceramic plate may be used. This is one of the best tools you can use for defining curls and giving it a soft and bouncy look. You can also apply hair styling products to help make your curls look more natural.

The best thing about naturally curly hair typing systems is that you can wear these tools almost anywhere, including formal occasions. Those who have straight strands may also consider using thermal devices such as curling irons or blow dryers.

When you use these tools on straight strands, you can get a softer look without sacrificing the look of thick and full curls. Likewise, you can apply different hair styling products to make the curls more noticeable. This is the best option for those who have thin and straight hair types.

Those who have naturally curly hairs should also consider using the tools provided by different hair care brands that can eliminate frizz. Most of these devices work by removing the excess oil trapped inside the curls. Once this excess oil is removed, your hair will be smoother and less frizzy. This will help you achieve the look you always wanted.