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The Beards of the British Army are an interesting choice for men who prefer to go for a more “business like” look. British Army beards are very similar in looks to that of the beards worn by the German army.

In fact, it would be impossible to tell the difference between them or their close cousins from the German types of beards, unless you knew exactly what you were looking for!

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The German beards are usually longer and thicker. They also tend to be more dyed than those worn by British forces. So, what are some of the types of beards that are worn by British forces?



The first type of beards is known as the hipster beards. These are very short beards that are generally worn by both men and women. As the name suggests, they are usually worn by men. Their style is mostly similar to that of the punk rocker’s rockers. In other words, they have their own unique style with a few variations here and there.

Next are the heavy stubble beards. Just as their name implies, these are the beards that are scruffed or shaped in such a way that they look like thick stubble. These types of beards tend to emphasize the face shape and hide any sins.

The heavy stubble also gives an illusion of height when worn. The heavy stubble style is most commonly worn by the British Army as it helps to conceal the jaw line.

Then there are the shaven, bald, and spiked beards. The shaven or shaved beard styles are those that are closely cropped and not long enough to touch the neck.

The bald styles are simply trimmed or shaved to give a clean shaven look. The last two are not exactly beard styles, but are rather short styles of hair that are styled in such a way as to make them resemble some sort of stubble.

Of course there are the classic beards that have been worn for centuries. They can be the long shaggy kind that can be seen in the pictures from old movies, or the short, spiky kind that is usually sported by members of the British Army. These types of beards can be worn for a variety of different occasions and can also be worn with almost any type of clothing.

The truth is that there really are many different types of beards to choose from. These different types of beards can be formal, shaggy, or rugged. These different types of beards are worn for different purposes and can even be worn in tandem with different types of clothing. This is because the purpose for each style can be served by the other style. That means you can go from casual to formal, short to long, or even spike or unkempt in seconds.

The traditional, shaggy, and messy style is the one that can easily be mistaken for just another hair style. For instance, the shaggy look can easily be mistaken for a simple hair style that is usually worn by men who are just out of college.

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However, the shaggy look is actually a form of facial hair. In fact, it is an extension of the facial hair that can be seen on most men’s faces. The shaggy style can easily be sported in different types of haircuts, with the longer shag staying away from spiked cuts, tapered cuts, or any of the other more common styles.



There are even some younger men who sport a shaggy style right down to their early twenties, which is when facial hair on the face tends to start becoming longer.

The scruff is not exactly what people would call clean. In fact, it is probably close to being considered dirty! However, the scruff is the one part of the beard that can be kept clean without having to shave or wax.

A shaved chin stubble is good for a quick clean before shaving the face, but a shaved scruff is good for a full head of facial hair. These are the three main types of beards and all have different features and benefits that you may find useful and enjoyable.

The Most Popular Types of Beards

There are several different types of beards. Some are long and flowing and they can grow in all directions, but most commonly they are trimmed close to the neckline or close to the head. The majority of men wear their beards short, which looks better on them.

The style of a beard is dictated by personal preference, but there are several types of beards that have specific features that set them apart from one another. Some of these include:

These are just a few different types of beards to choose from, so explore the options yourself. You can experiment with all of the different types of beards to find the one that works best for your face, and personal preferences. This article will discuss some of the different types of facial features that are found among different types of beards.

One of the more popular facial features includes the tight fringed and layered look. Some of the most common types of beards that fit this description include the shaggy, fly-away, and the crewed. Most of these styles are easily maintained and last for many years. They are also very simple to shave and can be worn long or short with no problems.

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The shaggy style of beard is a great option for those who don’t like their face to show. It is a simple style that just grows out from the forehead. This type of beard takes a little longer to grow than other types of beards because it needs to have a lot of scalp to grow properly. However, if you’re patient with it, you should be able to grow it to chin length fairly quickly.

Another common type of beard is the full beard style. These beards are extremely long, sometimes up to three or four inches in length, and they have very thick hair at the crown area. This thick hair is generally kept trimmed short and is used to complement the clean shaven look.

It is also possible to create variations of this style by adding different types of facial hair accessories, such as side-swept bangs or a ponytail.



Mustaches are also a very popular type of beard and are closely related to the full beard style. Like full beards, the mustaches grow in from the crown area of the head and they can also be shaped into different designs and styles.

The only major difference between the two is that moustaches never worn down. A person with a mustache would only ever wear it on special occasions or when attending important functions or when working in an industry where they have to talk to a large audience.

Probably one of the most unique and least common beards is the bald boss beard style. Balding men and women both have this type of beards, usually not on their faces but on other areas of their bodies. The most visible part of a balding man’s face is usually his hairline and this is where a lot of these type of beards come from.

Women, who often shave their backs or the sides, will also grow a beard style on their faces. The key to achieving success with a balding beard style is patience and practice, since these types of beards take quite some time to grow.

The last but certainly not the least type of beards is the braid. These are typically seen on people who were born with faces that are heavily marked or whose skins are scarred.

Usually, these individuals were not born with their scarred faces but had them acquired later on in life. Regardless, of where a person gets their scarred face, a braid can be achieved with ease. Some examples of facial beards that use braiding techniques include the argyle braid, box braided, or the joggle braids.