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Which hair type are you? When you ask most people, they will answer “curl”. Well if you are not a curl type, it does not mean that you cannot have beautiful hair at all. You just have to know some tips on how to take care of your hair in order to keep it healthy and in shape. Here are the tips, use styling tips to make your curl type look great always.



Hair Types And A Short Description Of Each Type

The first thing that some people notice when they see you for the very first time is your hair and style. We can see whether you have thick, thin,curly straight or wavy hair. We may not observe all the other things around us, but we sure see your hair first.

As they say “first impression is a lasting impression”, so we tend to notice hair first and not hair type.

There are about ten (10) different hair types around. Do you know your type? It is okay if you don’t know right now; but hopefully by the end of this article, you would have an idea about your hair type. In truth and fact, there are only five (5) main hair types but they all have different sub-types.

Everyone has a preference on what hair type they have. There is curly, wavy, straight, rough, coarse, and so much more. However, do not worry; there is now an easy way to determine your hair type and then apply the right hair styling and care products to suit. In this article, I will reveal all of the major hair types, as well as a short description of each one.

1. The first type of hair you should know is coarse hair. This type of hair tends to be coarse because of the natural characteristics that it possesses. These characteristics include fine hair with very small strands, and very little bounce.

If you are born with fine hair and have curly hair, then you most likely have coarse hair. Then there is coarse straight hair which is the most resistant to styling. If this describes you, then the best hair product for you is a good conditioner. In addition, you may want to consider a moisturizing shampoo as well.

2. The most familiar hair type that you may know is the straight hair. This is another type of hair, which is most commonly called sleek. There are more layers of cuticles making the hair more resistant to damage. This is good for some reasons and bad for others. However, the problem with straight hair is that it can sometimes look quite dull.

This makes the hair more resistant to shaping or styling. When it comes to styling, this type of hair is more resilient. You may want to consider using either curlers or flat irons to create waves or curls.

In addition, this type of hair is very thin, soft and it also have a very natural shine, and that is what makes this type of hair so popular with celebrities. There is also medium straight hair that is more textured and has lots of body.

When this type of hair is damaged, it is very brittle and cause the hair ends to get very thin. This hair is made up of  3 sub-types of hair.



3. Curly or wavy hair is a type of hair that is characterized by having very fine hair strands.The type of hair is not straight nor is it  very curly. This hair type is in the shape of S pattern and forms loops and waves. When you pull it out to stretch it, it bounces right back into place.

The hair is fine and is has a very soft texture. Unlike other hair follicles that are flat, these ones are very smooth. Because of this; the hair is less shinny than straight or wavy hair. This makes the hair very tough to bounce or curl.

This hair type straightens out when it gets wet and has a lot of body.

But in high humidity the curls tighten and it is prone to frizzing. This type of hair has two (2) sub-types.

(A) This type of hair has a loosely curled look. It looks almost straight when cut short. But when grown long, it usually has shiny big curls.

(B) The second sub-type is medium to tight curly hair. This kind of hair forms a medium to tight cork screw type curl. It is interesting to note that quite often people with curly hair will have both sub-types in different areas of their hair.

(C) This is hair is fine or thin and wavy which is quite easy to style with a hair straightener or curling iron.

(D) Medium wavy hair is more resistant to styling with these tools and tends to get frizzy easily.

This type of hair is considered to be the ideal type because it is very durable, and has the ability to retain its own shine. It is also able to be styled easily, and will usually stay looking its best for years.

4. Fine hair is the type of hair that is typically associated with women. It is characterized with thick, long hair strands, and very little bounce. If you are like most women, then fine hair may be perfect for you, but if you want to create waves or curls, then curly hair may be the way to go.

If you do not have any type of hair, then you can use a product called the “natural product” that will determine the type of hair you have. This product will also help to determine which kind of hair conditioner you will need. and whether or not you will want to use moisturizers. In addition, this product will determine how long your hair will last.

5.  The final hair type is “kinky“. The curls in this hair is very tight but wiry and extremely fragile. This hair is made from numerous really thin strands of hair that are densely packed together.  It carries a shine but it does not shine. This hair has the least amount of hair cuticles and is very soft.

Because of this; the hair breaks very easy and is very difficult to grow. There are 2 kinds of kinky hair sub-types.

(A) It carries a very tightly coiled S pattern in your hair. So when it is stretched out; it still has that S pattern to it and has a bit of moisture to it.


(B) It also has a tightly coiled Z pattern to it. Just like the S pattern when stretched, this hair type carries the Z pattern when stretched also but has the least amount of moisture of all hair types.

So now you have the ten (10) unique hair types, this should make it easier for you to determine which hair type you have. Knowing this is very important because you will get better styling results if you work with what nature gave you rather than against it.

So if you have tight curly hair but you love the look of straight hair, you may not get the best results with a hair straightener. Or, if you have coarse straight hair but want to get tight curls, knowing that your hair will resist this type of styling helps you decide the best hair style for you.

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