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Restore radiance to your hair with the Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil; a nourishing, silky, moisturizing hair care product that helps to condition hair and impart an overall healthy-looking shine. Formulated with four moisturizing oils, the Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil nourishes hair from root to tip.

rosemary oil

Its lightweight consistency will not weigh strands down. Shea butter helps to smooth out the cuticle and improve moisture, while mango oil hydrates the scalp and keeps hair supple. Moringa oil keeps hair shiny and manageable, while the benefits of lavender oil are long-lasting.



The healing and regenerative properties of Rosemary provide a long-lasting all-natural treatment for damaged or dry hair. Add Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil to your hair care regimen for instant, smooth results. It also makes an excellent hair conditioner.

Add Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil to your hair care oil recipe. Preheat vegetable oil, preferably organic, in a small bowl until almost liquid. Add in ripe papaya and carrot juice and let set for about thirty minutes. Strain into small batches and heat gently over low heat until almost liquid again. Apply to damp hair, massaging thoroughly.

If you’re looking for a hair treatment with maximum results, try using jojoba oil, another component of Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil. Jojoba is an effective toner and conditioner, as well as an antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant and skin-softening ingredient.

chamomile oil

It’s like having a hair-care line all in one. This can help those suffering from dandruff, oily scalp, frizzy hair, and other scalp issues. Jojoba oils contain capric, lauric, and caprylic acid, which are proven ingredients for deep-moisturizing and nourishing hair.

Add to your hair oil mixture one teaspoonful of jojoba and one teaspoonful of coconut oil. Leave on overnight and rinse out in the morning with warm water. This new well hair care oils blend works to rejuvenate and condition your strands and help prevent hair loss, among many other things.

Using Sisley New Wellness Hair Oil to nourish and moisturize is another way to achieve the all-around benefits of these essential oils. Jojoba and coconut oils nourish your scalp and help to prevent dryness.

They’ve also been used for hundreds of years in India and other parts of the world to treat scalp inflammation and other skin problems. Split ends are minimized and dandruff is prevented.

There are many natural products on the market that claim to prevent and treat a number of scalp problems. You’ll likely notice a vast array of choices, but what you need is something effective. If you’re experiencing any type of problem with your hair, such as thinning or receding hairline, then the first step is to visit a health practitioner.

tea tree oil

He or she will be able to determine the underlying cause of the problem and can offer you a treatment plan. In most cases, all it takes is an alteration of your diet and scalp care to bring you back to a state of health and vitality.



The Maxon hair care system uses four oils that have been proven to promote hair growth. The first is jojoba oil, which is beneficial for conditioning and moisturizing. The second is coconut oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

The third is henna oil, which helps with hair dye color. Finally, lavender oil acts as an antiseptic and a gentle deodorizer.

The Maxon also contains four oils that are said to promote healthy scalp and strong hair. The first is borage seed oil, which is beneficial for keeping hair shiny and vibrant. The second is annatto seed oil, which is used to add luster and shine to dry hair; and lastly, lemon grass seed oil, which aids in the growth of healthy hair.

The Maxon shampoo cleanses and conditioned while leaving your scalp thoroughly moisturized. It also contains jojoba oil and vitamin E. Jojoba oil has been known to increase scalp elasticity. It is known as an effective natural emollient that softens and smoothes dry hair, and it also keeps hair shiny and manageable.

lemon oil

However, if you suffer from dry hair, then it’s best to avoid the shampoo. For this purpose, it is highly recommended that you use a conditioner.

The Maxon oil can be added to your hair treatments to make them more effective. Just make sure that you use the oil according to the instructions mentioned on the bottle. It is advisable not to over massage the oil because this can aggravate scalp irritation.

If you feel that your hair has gone dry, then just add some oil and massage into your scalp, then rinse with water. Soon enough, you will have a full lock of hair.

What Are The Best Sisley and Moringa Hair Care Oil Products?

Restore radiance to your hair with the Sisley Preferable Hair Care Oil, an enriching hair care product that help to condition and moisturize hair, as well as to deliver a smooth-shiny shine. Created with all natural ingredients, this is an ideal hair care oil to use before hitting the beach, or on a night out with friends.

cedarwood oil

Its rich blend of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and Aloe Vera extracts work together to deliver maximum moisture and help hair remain healthy and shiny. This oil can be used by men and women equally and no longer focuses on men’s needs.

The Sisley Preferable Hair Care Oil features Vitamin E in its base. This works to protect hair, and has many healing benefits on both the scalp and hair. It protects against dryness and provides the nutrients essential for healthy hair that is easily damaged by dry weather.



It also offers protection from environmental aggressors, protecting your hair from harmful UV rays, environmental pollution, as well as everyday pollution. As such, it works to lock in moisture, and improve shine and bounce.

In addition to its moisture-giving qualities, the Sisley Preferable Hair Care Oil is full of antioxidants, to provide a boost to hair. It works to remove free radicals, which otherwise cause damage and weaken hair follicles. Free radicals are caused by many sources, including the environment, diet, smoking, and other activities.

vetiver oil

To fight these effects, the Sisley Preferable Hair Care Oil works to give your hair the right nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy, while at the same time improving its shine and health. It also nourishes the scalp with vitamins and antioxidants.

This revolutionary new hair oil also nourishes the scalp and hair to prevent new hair loss. While many people lose hair every day, for some people, this isn’t an option. Others suffer from chronic hair loss, which means they lose their hair for months, or even years.

These people don’t want to invest money in a hair loss treatment, but rather want to make sure their hair is able to grow back. Sisley New Well hair care oils help prevent new hair loss, by providing the nutrients necessary to keep hair healthy.

For anyone who suffers from thinning or fine hair, the Sisley Preferable Hair Care Oil can be a lifesaver. It works to make hair shine and looks fuller. It also prevents the hair from becoming dull, leaving it looking lively. This can be beneficial when trying to get an up-do for a night out on the town.

lavender oil

While a hair treatment will leave hair dry, leaving it looking lifeless, Sisley’s specially formulated oils will make hair look fuller and more beautiful, leaving it sparkly and vibrant.

A product like Sisley Argan oil is an excellent way to use products to fight baldness without going broke. This type of oil is made from the Argan tree which grows in the country of Morocco. The oil is extracted from the nuts of the argan tree and used for a variety of different things from hair treatment to massage.

While the tree is more familiar for its seeds than its oil, the products derived from it are just as beneficial as any other oil.

The fourth most popular Sisley oil is Moringa oil. It comes from the moringa fruit, which is native to India. While the fruit itself is beneficial to your health and hair, the oil is what makes it useful for hair care. There are four oils available, which can be used to fight any number of hair problems.

peppermint oil

One of the products works to stop hair loss, preventing hair from falling out and preventing it from coming back; another works to strengthen hair shafts, making them stronger and more durable; a third is designed to make hair shinier; and the fourth works to make hair stronger overall.

The last two products, the Sisley and Moringa oils, are both excellent products. They are unique because they are each formulated with four oils that are meant to address a wide variety of problems with your hair.

By using this product, you can fight dry hair, lice, dandruff, breakage, greasy hair, split ends, and even fungus. Using the Sisley and Moringa oils is the best way to ensure that your hair is moisturized and protected from any number of hair problems.